1-What is the material of your products?

Our products are 925 sterling silver and coated with 14 carat micron. The stones of our products consist of zircon, swarovski and natural stones.

2- Why should I become a member? Can I shop without membership?

You can shop without being a member. However, we recommend that you become a member so that you can track your orders, contact with you when necessary, and send you the order status updates.

3- Do I have to give my Tr identity number?

Your Tr identity number is used for the invoice.

4- Is VAT included in your prices?

Yes. All prices you see on are VAT included.

5-How is my invoice sent?

Your invoice is sent to the e-mail address you entered while creating the order.

6-Can I send a gift?

In our online store, you can specify two separate addresses as delivery and billing addresses at the checkout step. The shipment goes to the address you specified for delivery. Your invoice is sent to your e-mail address.

7-Is there a gift package?

When you activate the "I want a gift package" option while creating your order, it will be sent as a gift package. With this selection, you can also add your gift note to the box that opens. You can access this section from the step where you entered the address information.

8-Can I add a special note to my order?

You can use the order note section for any detail you want to specify in your orders. You can access this section from the step where you entered the address information.

9- What are your payment options?

You can safely complete your shopping with a credit card or cash payment card (ATM) of any bank. We cannot take orders with the option to pay at the door.

10-How can I use the discount gift voucher codes?

When you click the add button in the gift certificates section above the complete order button on the My Cart page, your registered code will be used.

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