Baget taşlı kelepçe
Baget taşlı kelepçe
Baget taşlı kelepçe
Baget taşlı kelepçe
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Clamp With Baguette Stone (AMT0093481)

Price : $151
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Clamp With Baguette Stone

Made of 925 sterling silver and 14 carat micron plated. Our bracelet will complement your outfits and symbolize your elegance.

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Gift package is available. If you wish, you can take advantage of the free gift package service while creating your order. Thus, you can delight your loved ones with a beautiful gift on birthdays, Valentine's Day, anniversaries and all other special occasions. (Note: Gift packages do not include the product price.)

Returnable within 15 days.

Instructions for use:

Avoid contact with substances such as cream, perfume, alcohol, detergent. When not in use, silver jewelry should be stored in a transparent ziplock bag so that it does not breathe and does not come into contact with other jewelry.


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